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The social media martech agency that uses intelligent creativity to empower your online presence.


Industry Research

Have you ever wondered why some videos are either performing or not? We leverage our internal technology to understand what are the correlations between the presence of creative variables and the videos’ performance.




Content Production


No more time-consuming activities.


Connecting the dots is no easy task. After the research phase, we connect the data with your values, and we come up with original formats from other industries to elaborate UNIQUE videos to stand out in the market.


UGC Management


Short videos creation and management

We produce the content and manage professional creators.

Creators and branding strategy

We will scale your social media presence by implementing data-driven UGC in your strategy.

One goal only

Create traffic on your page. TOFU is the first step to conversion.

Expected Results

ad expenses

follower growth

website clicks

profile visits

Case study

Storelli Soccer

Storelli Soccer is a market leader in protection apparel for soccer.


We used a short video strategy based on brand leadership to deliver education-based content with the purpose of being both entertaining and valuable for viewers.

The Results


followers in the first year (+94.6%)

From 0 to 200k

followers in the first year on Tik Tok


website clicks on a year basis